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Loup Venture analysts: the iPhone Xr will be the most popular iPhone in 2019

Gene Munster and Andrew Murphy, analysts at Loup Ventures say that despite short launch day lines, the iPhone Xr isn’t a “disappointment,” as some are calling it. 

In fact, they expect the iPhone Xr to be the most popular iPhone in 2019, as consumers “begin to see the phone in the wild and recognize its value.” The analysts note that the reviews share a common thread: 1) the iPhone Xr is a premium phone that is 2) a better value than the iPhone Xs.

“The reviews help separate some of the iPhone Xr’s second-class perception, which is driven more by its price and the sleek iPhone Xs ads (compared to the colorful iPhone Xr ads) than actual use,” Munster and Murphy write. “The early adopter phenomenon is also an important factor here. Apple’s most loyal user base will buy the newest, largest, most expensive models without even seeing the devices. The average consumer will make a more rational buying decision, which is where the iPhone Xr wins.”

Dennis Sellers
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