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Look for details on the revamped Mac Pro, Project Marizan at June’s WWDC

Apple will likely preview the long promised, redesigned, modular Mac Pro at this June’s Worldwide Developers Conference, according to a Bloomberg by Mark Gurman. The tech giant will also release more details about “Project Marizan,” he adds. The Sellers Research Group (that’s me) says there’s a 100% chance that both will happen. 

Almost two years ago, Apple said it’s working on a “completely rethought” Mac Pro, with a modular design that can accommodate high-end CPUs and big GPUs, and which should make it easier for Apple to update with new components on a regular basis. Apple is also working on Apple-branded pro displays to go with them.

The Mac Pro hasn’t been upgraded since its 2013 debut. Apple has acknowledged that the “trashcan design” doesn’t fulfill all the needs of its pro customers, but the new model with have a more traditional modular design that will allow Apple to “keep it fresh.”

“Project Marizan” will allow iOS apps to run on the Mac. They’ll work on both iOS and macOS. will work with a touchscreen or mouse and trackpad depending on whether it’s running on the iPhone and iPad operating system or on a Mac. Currently developers have to develop apps separately for the operating systems.

Gurman says that, though plans are “fluid,” by 2021, developers will be able to merge iPhone, iPad, and Mac applications into one app or what is known as a “single binary.” This means developers won’t have to submit their work to different Apple App Stores, allowing iOS apps to be downloaded directly from Mac computers — effectively combining the stores.

Apple is planning to hold from June 3 to June 7 in San Jose, California, based on permit filings uncovered by MacRumors.

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