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Look at that mug; Ember lets you heat your coffee via your iPhone

Want a coffee/tea mug you can control with your iPhone? Then the Ember Ceramic Mug is for you.

With the Ember Ceramic Mug, you can set the precise drinking temperature of your coffee or tea (I’m a coffee drinker). The mug will maintain that temperature for approximately one hour, then cool down for safety reasons.

After all, you don’t want a cup of hot coffee or tea sitting around your house or office unattended if you forget to turn the much off. And the Ember purportedly has a temperature range of 120°F–145°F.

To use the mug, you’ll need to download the free Ember Mug app from the Apple App Store. You pair the mug with the iPhone app and control the temperature with the app.

Note that the Ember is a pricey. The 10-ounce model (too small for me) is $79.95, and the 14 ouncer (the perfect size for me) is $129.95. So you’ve got to really want a “smart” coffee mug to spring for this product.

That said, the Ember Ceramic Mug — available in white and black — is beautifully designed in both form and function. For example, it automatically wakes up when your hot beverage is poured in, and remembers your last preferred drinking temperature.

It’s about as hi-tech as a coffee/tea mug gets. However, though I’m a techie sort of person, I prefer to just put my hot coffee in a YETI mug with a snap-on top. It keeps my coffee hot for as long as the Ember Ceramic Mug. Plus, it’s more spill proof, which is important when you’re working around a computer.

Apple World Today Rating (out of 5 stars): ★★★

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