Logitech Combo Pro is a good, less expensive alternative to Apple’s Magic Keyboard


Though I really like the M4 iPad Pro, I still find it too limiting to serve as my everyday computer (thanks, iPadOS), though the new Magic Keyboard — see my review here — certainly helps make that scenario more likely. 

However, it’s very expensive at US$349. The revamped Logitech Combo Touch offers a decent alternative at about $100 less.

It’s now available with the new iPad Air iPad Pro in mind. Though the Logitech Combo Touch’s design can’t compare with the cantilever form of the Apple product, it is great for use in a variety of scenarios for using your tablet. 

Made with sustainable and premium materials, the new Combo Touch models are the thinnest and lightest models of the keyboard/case yet, matching the svelte form factors of the impressively thin M4 iPad Pro. 

Whereas the Magic Keyboard is one solid piece, the Combo Touch sports a detachable keyboard and flexible kickstand. This allows you to easily pair it with an iPad to use for typing, sketching, and jumping from task to task.

Like Apple’s solution its keys are backlit with 16 brightness levels for use in a variety of lighting conditions. The keys themselves are well-spaced in a standard layout. Shortcut keys simplify common commands like volume control, media playback, Do Not Disturb, screenshots, and others.

The Combo Touch also users enhancing efficiency and ease of use. Combo Touch employs Apple’s Smart Connector for instant, secure connectivity. This eliminates the need for charging or Bluetooth connections.

The Combo Touch for the iPad Pro is available in Graphite, and for iPad Air models in Oxford Grey and is available at logitech.com and apple.com at the following prices:

° Combo Touch for iPad Air 11-inch: $199.99, Combo Touch for iPad Air 13-inch: $229.99, Combo Touch for iPad Pro 11-inch: $229.99;

°  Combo Touch for iPad Pro 13-inch: $259.99. 

Logitech’s solution doesn’t have the “wow” factor of Apple’s Magic Keyboard, but it’s still a great keyboard/case combo for owners of a new iPad. 

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