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Letter from the publisher: Advertising, revenue, and all that jazz

We tried. We really, really tried.

When Apple World Today was launched five months ago, we were confident that we’d be able to keep ads off of the site thanks to our sponsors and our backers. Sadly, we’re not making enough income from the sponsorships so we’re going to be experimenting with ads.

However, we’re not going to just flood the Apple World Today website with banners, pop-ups, and the crap you associate with some other Apple sites I won’t mention here. Over the next few weeks, you’ll see the sponsor block in the sidebar replaced with a slightly smaller ad block. We’ll also add one or two standard-sized 728×90 banners. That’s it.

The company we’re using to sell the ads (not Google AdWords) gives us complete control over the advertisements. If we don’t like them or they aren’t relevant to our audience, we won’t run them. All of the ads will be images — no animations, no movies, and nothing that’s going to take forever to load.

Note that this is an experiment. We need to make money to survive, and if this doesn’t work… well, we’ll try something else. Perhaps you can help us get sponsors by sending a quick email to your favorite accessory manufacturer or software developer and asking them to sponsor us. Just be sure to add this link to your email:

Yes, we know that content blocker extensions are probably going to make this a moot point anyway, which means we’ll probably have to find some other model for revenue. For the time being, we’ll try this experiment. Your feedback on the ads — when they start — will be greatly appreciated.

Steve Sande
the authorSteve Sande
Steve is the founder and former publisher of Apple World Today and has authored a number of books about Apple products. He's an avid photographer, an FAA-licensed drone pilot, and a really bad guitarist. Steve and his wife Barb love to travel everywhere!