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Learn to take better iPhone photos with the Smartphone Photography Basics Bundle

Have you ever noticed that some people take great photos with their iPhones, while others take photos that are just…meh? Well, although the iPhone has a terrific camera built into it, it’s what’s behind the lens — the photographer — that really makes the difference in how your photos look. That’s why the Apple World Today Deals Shop is offering the Smartphone Photography Basics Bundle ($29), a four-course group of classes that is designed to turn you into a much better iPhone photographer.

The courses include:

  • Discovering Your Creative Voice: Learn how to live a creative life
  • Basics of Studio Lighting: Discuss the most important aspect of studio photography
  • Home Studio Starter Kit: Create a pro-quality home studio without breaking the bank
  • How to Take Amazing Photos With Your iPhone: How to maximize the potential of your smartphone camera

The 46 lessons included in the bundle are available 24/7 so you can pick up a bit of knowledge whenever you have some free time. Isn’t it time that your friends started saying “WOW!” about your iPhone photos?

Steve Sande
the authorSteve Sande
Steve is the founder and former publisher of Apple World Today and has authored a number of books about Apple products. He's an avid photographer, an FAA-licensed drone pilot, and a really bad guitarist. Steve and his wife Barb love to travel everywhere!