Knocki: Gesture-Enabled Smart Remote Control

Knocki Smart Remote Control

Tired of losing remote controls or having to remember to change batteries in them? Even worse are those times when you sit down to watch a movie and the remote decides that it needs to be plugged in for four hours for a charge. Knocki (on sale for $69.99) is a unique accessory that turns any surface into a smart remote control. This video shows how!

Knocki is a smart device that gives you instant control of your favorite functions from any surface. There is no other smart home device like it. Enjoy the freedom to do things more quickly, easily, and naturally, without the privacy concerns, awkwardness, or disruption of voice control. Use Knocki to transform walls, tables, and other ordinary surfaces into gesture-enabled interfaces to control your connected world. Whether you’d like to dim the lights, find your lost phone, or turn on your TV, your favorite functions are just a few taps away. 

Tap into the possibilities

  • Find phone
  • Toggle lights
  • Turn on TV
  • Climate control
  • Brew coffee
  • Control music
  • Send alerts
  • Set the mood
  • Toggle flashlight
  • Manage time
  • Order food 
  • And a lot more!

Knocki works with…

  • Philips Hue
  • WEMO
  • Harmony
  • Nest
  • LIFX
  • Spotify
  • Ecobee
  • SmartThings
  • And so much more

Easy Setup

  1. Create & set up your account through Knocki app (iOS or Android)
  2. Mount Knocki on (or under) a surface & connect it to your Wi-Fi network
  3. Add your gestures (tap patterns) & select the tasks to trigger