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Kitten Stuff Done: Kickstarter campaign enlists kittens to help you get things done

Every once in a while, we feature something that’s not exactly about Apple but has the ability to help readers become more productive or have more fun. Kitten Stuff Done (AKA KSD) is a Kickstarter campaign by my old TUAW editor-in-chief Victor Agreda Jr. that’s about to meet its funding goal and make life a lot more productive — and fun — for a lot of people.

As Victor points out, people worry too much about getting stuff done in the limited amount of time allotted each day:

You know who doesn’t worry about stuff? Kittens. And yet, look at them go. Little productive members of feline society, such as it is. Kittens get the same 24 hours you do, I do and every king, emperor and president has ever gotten since the dawn of time.

The trick to getting stuff done is managing those 24 hours.

Kitten Stuff Done is not an app. Instead, it’s a deck of 52 cards created by a group of talented artists, each with an adorable kitten on it and a listed task. Most of those tasks take 30 minutes to accomplish, and there’s also an eight-hour sleep card as well as two “wild cards” that you can use for specialized tasks or those that take more than 30 minutes.

Many people work eight-hour days (except for tech bloggers, first responders, SpaceX and Apple employees, and Victor), so they’ll assemble a 16-card deck of tasks to accomplish during that eight hour stretch. When they get home from work, they can throw in another 16-cards of tasks to accomplish that have nothing to do with the job. And yeah, there’s that eight hour stretch for a long cat nap.

Why is KSD not an app? As Victor pointed out, it’s difficult to compete with the millions of other apps in the various app stores. Kitten Stuff Done cards can be used along with other productivity tools, and hey — you can get your KSD tasks done completely offline.

The best thing about Kitten Stuff Done? You’re not only helping yourself become more productive, but you’re also supporting artists and animals! Kitten Stuff Done wants to help control animal populations and find pet parents for strays, so each quarter they’ll select an animal rescue group to receive a portion of the proceeds from the previous quarter.

You can get your starter deck for a $15 pledge, and it’ll be in your hands in time for the holidays. I especially liked the little vinyl card wallet that I can stuff KSD cards into and carry along with me — it’s at the $18 pledge level. Best of all, my cats Merry & Pippin — both shelter rescues — approve of this campaign and want you to support it.

For even more details about Kitten Things Done, visit the website.

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