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KeyShade is a new password manager for Mac OS X and iOS

Rayner Software has introduced KeyShade 1.0, their new password and information manager for Mac OS X (10.8 or higher) and iOS (8.3 or later). 

Featuring automatic backup and cloud sync functionality, it’s designed to providea safe repository for sensitive information, offering a secure, encrypted database for managing website logins, bank accounts, credit cards, and notes. Its entire user interface exists within one menu on the menubar. Everything in KeyShade is protected by a single master password.

In the Mac version, KeyShade’s entire user interface exists within one menu on the menubar. This makes it readily accessible at all times.

KeyShade was designed from the ground up to seamlessly integrate with its cloud service, KeyShade Sync, according to Rayner Software owner Tyler Rayner. This service provides versioned backups, as well as cross-device syncing. Each update to your database is saved as a new version on the server, allowing you to roll back to a previous version should you need to. Changes propagate across your Mac an iOS devices. 

KeyShade is a free app, with optional KeyShade Sync service for $19 per year. A demo is available for download. KeyShade Sync includes a 30 day free trial. After the trial expires, the sync subscription is optional. 

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