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Kanex’s MultiSync Premium Slim is like a Magic Keyboard, but with backlighting

Hey, Apple, I’m awaiting a Magic Keyboard with backlighting and a Touch Bar for use with my iMac. While I’m waiting, the Kanex MultiSync Premium Slim Keyboard for Mac & iOS will do, at least for the backlighting part.

The $79.95 keyboard’s MultiSync technology allows the Slim Keyboard to be shared among four (yes, four!) macOS and iOS devices. It uses a micro USB plug for juicing up, though I wish it implemented Apple’s Lightning port. After charging, you pair your devices and start toggling with one-touch switching. Everything is done wirelessly via Bluetooth 3.0, so no installation or drivers are needed.

The micro USB charging port is located on the back of the keyboard. The rear is also home to a physical toggle switch for turning the keyboard power off and on. 

The MultiSync Premium Slim Keyboard sports all of the familiar Mac keys and shortcuts, allowing you to adjust screen brightness, volume, play and pause with single touch focus keys. The backlit keys are convenient when typing in low light environments, and is one of the biggest draws of the Kanex product for me. The rechargeable battery has 1,200 mAh capacity and will reportedly last up to six months (I’ve only been using it for a week, so can’t verify that).

The MultiSync Premium Slim Keyboard is portable, thanks to its low-profile, pencil-thin, lightweight design. Speaking of low profile, the low-profile keys work fine for me, but, as with Apple’s recent keyboards, they’re not for you if you like a more tradition keyboard that noticeably “clicks” as you type. Also, instead of the “inverted T” layout, the up/down buttons are half-sized. 

The Mac/iOS keys worked seamlessly. If you like Apple’s stock wireless keyboard, but want backlighting and some other extras, check out the Kanex MultiSync Premium Slim Keyboard.

Apple World Today Rating (out of 5 stars): ★★★★★

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