Juniper Research: Apple’s iPhone sales will bring in over $200 billion in 2022

This despite Apple smartphones to represent ess than 20% of devices sold

Juniper Research says sales of iPhones will bring in over US$200 billion in 2022. That means that nearly 40% of the total smartphone hardware market. This is despite Apple smartphones representing less than 20% of devices to be sold that year.

The new research notes that smartphone purchase cycles are lengthening. However, Juniper says that Apple has managed to consistently convince users to purchase higher-priced models. How? Through a curation of a strong hardware and software ecosystem.

As a result, Apple’s average selling price will rise in the coming years. Juniper says Android devices will decline, unless they can leverage new technologies like 5G or new design features.

The research group believes Android vendors will struggle to compete on a features basis in future. Per the research: focus on a particular segment and investing in premium features, such as high-end audio and advances in camera technology, won’t appeal widely enough to compete at scale in the smartphone market.

“Feature diversification alone is not enough for lasting success in the crowded smartphone market,: remarked research co-author Nick Hunt.. “Apple and Samsung have succeeded in fostering brand loyalty, which smaller vendors have struggled with, despite many introducing new capabilities. These players need to pair strong features with strong branding to have sustained success.”

Dennis Sellers
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