Sunday, September 24, 2023

Jony Ive was involved in the design of Apple’s new 24-inch iMac

In their review of the new 24-inch iMac, Wired says that former Apple chief designer, Jony Ive, was involved in its design.

The article has this to say: Jony Ive was involved in the design of this new iMac, despite having left Apple back in 2019. Hardware design is a long process, so perhaps it’s not surprising that Ive’s fingerprints are all over this new desktop. But, interestingly, Apple would not confirm or deny if he worked on the 2021 iMac after he left the company – just that he had worked on it.

By the way, Wired loves the new all-in-one.

In June 2019 Apple announced that Ive was departing the company as an employee to form an independent design company called LoveFrom that will count Apple among its clients. While he pursues personal projects, Ive and his new company will reportedly continue to work closely and on a range of projects with Apple, CEO Tim Cook said at the time. Apparently, this is the case.

Dennis Sellers
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