Jamf, TRUCE Software announce partnership, integrated solution

Jamf, which specializes in Apple Enterprise Management and TRUCE Software, a platform that offers a contextually-aware and responsive mobile device management solution for businesses, have announced a partnership and integrated solution designed to provide new advantages to the deskless workforce and improving worker safety.

Jamf Worker Safety powered by TRUCE is an integrated solution that provides an automated safety layer for Apple devices managed by Jamf Pro. This new solution dynamically enforces an employer’s mobile use policy by customizing app availability, notification settings and other device functions based on location or movement, according to Jamf CEO Dean Hager. 

Leveraging a TRUCE integration with Jamf Pro, the solution returns devices to normal operation when they are not in a protected state and respects the employee’s app, web, messages and photos privacy at all times. This eliminates safety risks while employees use mobile devices at work and helps employers ensure they’re enforcing intended use without infringing on employee privacy.

TRUCE CEO Joe Boyle says the  partnership delivers the next iteration of what true dynamic device management looks like. Jamf Worker Safety powered by TRUCE invigorates mobile deployments by accounting for who is behind the device, where they are and what they’re doing. Learn more at

Dennis Sellers
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