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Jamf Now: Mobile Device Management for teams and small businesses, and this week’s sponsor

When you’re running a team or small business, you have much better things to do than act as an IT department. So how do you ensure that all of the Macs, iPhones, and iPads in your business are set up with the software you need, inventoried, managed wherever they may be located, and secured? Jamf Now is a powerful cloud-based tool to manage Apple devices that lets you get back to running your business, and it’s this week’s sponsor of Apple World Today.

How does Jamf Now work? Take a look at this video for an idea of just how easy it is to set up, manage and protect your valuable Apple assets with Jamf Now:

Get the idea? It’s easy to use a pre-defined Blueprint to get just the right configuration for the Apple devices used by your business or team. Define the apps, security, email, Wi-Fi, restrictions, and even wallpaper settings, then deploy that Blueprint to a group of devices automatically. Multiple Blueprints can be created to provide just the right setup dependent on job function or department. 

The power of Blueprints can be leveraged to give employees the ability to set up their new equipment right out of the box thanks to full integration with Apple’s Device Enrollment Program. After unboxing and powering on a new device, users simply select the language to be used, the region they’re located in and a keyboard layout (for Mac), then connect to any Wi-Fi network. Once the network is selected, a configuration is made available to the user, who then enters pre-defined credentials and creates a local computer account. 

When this is done, the device is enrolled into management and loaded with all apps and settings that have been pre-defined. The user has an opportunity to load available additional apps as needed, or can get right to work. 

As a small business owner or team leader, you may be saying “Yeah, this sounds great but there’s no way I’d be able to afford Jamf Now.” Wrong. Apple World Today readers can try out Jamf Now on up to three devices for free to see just how powerful and easy-to-use the product is. After that, you can expand Jamf Now to your growing business for just $2/device/month. 

Take the work out of setup and management of Apple devices with Jamf Now. We’re honored to have Jamf Now as this week’s sponsor of Apple World Today. 

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