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Jamf Now makes simple work of securing and managing Apple devices

The Apple World Today team loves Jamf, the best way to secure and manage Apple devices. With Apple’s recent releases — the new iPhone Xs and Xs Max, iOS 12, macOS 10.14 Mojave, and the upcoming iPhone Xr — it’s difficult to keep up with the updates and installations that keep your devices up to date and healthy. Jamf Now solves these issues without needing IT experience or a computer science background.

Jamf Now is the most intuitive and powerful way for individuals and teams to manage their Apple devices. Jamf offers two “flavors” of its management suite: Jamf Pro, for IT professionals, and Jamf Now, for small teams and businesses. Jamf Now is perfect for teams with immediate needs for iOS and macOS device setup, but that might not necessarily have the resources to devote to getting the work done. Jamf Now lets small businesses and teams empower themselves with the onerous work of iOS and macOS device setup without needing additional training or documentation, or having to spend hours troubleshooting issues with a sales rep.

You can easily and quickly perform mobile device management tasks for the Apple devices within your organization, deploying various settings, apps, restrictions and more for groups of devices in minutes. There’s even the opportunity to utilize packages and custom apps with the Jamf Now Plus plan.

There are three key elements that make Jamf Now essential for businesses with Apple users:

  • Simplified remote setup
    No one has the time to go on-site to try to tinker over a potential solution — Jamf Now takes out the legwork in Apple device setup, allowing you to remotely configure devices with settings and email, set up Wi-Fi and more with ease.

  • Turnkey management techniques
    Jamf Now lets business owners centrally deploy apps, view device details and get a comprehensive view of inventory at any time.

  • Solid protection
    Jamf Now protects the sensitive company data on your employee’s devices: you can remotely enforce passcodes, and even lock or wipe devices

More than 17,000 organizations rely on Jamf. Whether it’s a single school or a school district, a small technology startup or a Fortune 500 company, an independent consultant or a global marketing department, Jamf gets the job done.

We’ve got a heck of a deal for Apple World Today readers; sign up today for a free Jamf Now account, and you can manage up to three Apple devices for free, forever! It’s the perfect way to keep your own devices secure and up-to-date, and learn just how powerful and easy to use Jamf Now is.

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