Jamf exec ‘strongly recommends’ iPhone users upgrade to iOS 17.4

A Jamf exec "strongly recommends"iPhone users upgrade to iOS 17.4.

With the addition of PQ3, data is more strongly protected against quantum computing power that has the potential to be harnessed for bad by malicious threat actors. Michael Covington, vice president of Portfolio Strategy at the Apple security company, Jamf, strongly encourages users to apply the update.

“iOS 17.4 introduces some of the most foundational updates we’ve seen to iPhone security, ever,” he says. “Changes to account for the Digital Markets Act — like support for third-party app stores and alternative web browser engines — will certainly dominate European headlines because of the EU ruling’s impact on how Apple delivers services to iPhone users.”

Covington says the more far-reaching impact of iOS 17.4 is the introduction of a new iMessage security protocol, PQ3, which delivers a massive jump forward in how messages are protected from the next-generation of hacking tools. With PQ3, users of Apple’s iMessage service can be more confident that data sent today will be able to withstand attacks implemented using the quantum computing power that will be available to attackers in the future. 

“This feature alone is a testament to Apple’s strong commitment to user privacy and always being ahead of the curve,” says Covington. “Although quantum attacks have not yet materialized, Jamf recommends all users update to iOS 17.4 in order to effectively protect all messages with PQ3 as soon as it becomes available.”

In addition to the iMessage enhancements, Stolen Device Protection has been expanded to all locations rather than just “unfamiliar” locations in iOS 17.4. 

“To anyone who hasn’t, we strongly recommend turning on Stolen Device Protection to all locations to reduce the attack surface area,” Covington says.

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