Jamf announces public preview of Jamf Setup, Jamf Reset with Single Login

Jamf, which specializes in Apple enterprise management, has announced the public preview of a new Single Login workflow supported by Jamf Setup and Jamf Reset to simplify and secure shared-device deployments. 

With this new release, a user’s cloud identity credentials can be used to instantly provision and de-provision an iOS or iPadOS device for their individual needs – all while supporting a native single sign-on workflow, wirelessly and without needing IT to touch the device. 

“Jamf believes there are two types of iPhone and iPad deployments in business: devices for general productivity and devices for specific workflows. Devices for productivity are assigned to an individual and used to enhance daily efficiency. Devices for specific workflows are used for a purposeful activity, and often shared amongst users, like care providers, flight attendants, or sales teams,” says Josh Jagdfeld, senior director of partnerships, Jamf. “Jamf has long served both. But, with Jamf Setup and Jamf Reset — for which we hold U.S. patents — Jamf stands alone in meeting purposeful shared use cases for customers. With today’s announcement of Single Login, we are proud to offer organizations looking to utilize shared devices a secure yet powerful way to do so.”

Jamf Setup and Jamf Reset were launched three years ago to allow a single device to support multiple customized use cases. However, many frontline workers using shared iOS devices experience “login fatigue” due to repeatedly logging into multiple applications for their daily work, according to Jagdfeld. Additionally, end users don’t have a streamlined way of refreshing the shared device of their credentials at the end of their shift so that it’s ready for the following user.

Jagdfeld says the launch of Single Login is intended to help users of a shared iOS device have a seamless Apple experience on their device, similar to what they have on their personally owned device. Jamf Setup and Jamf Reset with Single Login aims to:

°   Streamline the end user workflow. Jamf Setup and Jamf Reset with Single Login equip frontline workers with a way to start and end their use of a shared device without complex technology or IT support. The workflow enhances device personalization for the duration of use while upholding security standards by only permitting authorized users to access device resources.

°  Deliver native cross-app single sign-on. This new workflow enables a user to access a suite of apps with a single login on a company-owned shared iOS device. 

°  Enhance security and management/  Jamf Setup and Jamf Reset with Single Login benefits the end user while also streamlining security and management of company devices for IT teams. The workflow allows for device assignments to be audited by IT for security and inventory management, to see which user is assigned to a device from the admin console or through automated reporting.

°  Simplify device transitions. With Jamf Reset, once the user finishes with the device, they can quickly remove their footprint from the device to ensure it’s ready for the following user within seconds. The user’s role-based configuration and app settings are then cleared from the shared iOS device.

 The Jamf Setup and Jamf Reset apps require Jamf Pro and are available today on the App Store. This workflow also relies on preview technology from Microsoft, and more info can be found here.

Dennis Sellers
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