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Jamf announces day-zero support for iOS 13

Jamf, which specializes in Apple management, says it’s prepared with both compatibility and key feature support across its product portfolio for Apple’s release of iOS 13, which became generally available today. 

In addition to compatibility, Jamf says it offers support for key new features that improve the user experience, while upholding privacy for end users and ensuring organizational security, including:

  • User Enrollment– Jamf Pro and Jamf School support Apple’s new User Enrollment framework, giving admins a new way to efficiently and securely manage devices while protecting their users’ privacy for devices that are not institutionally-owned. Apple has provided a curated set of management capabilities specifically designed for BYOD. Jamf Pro led the market by previously limiting what information an admin could see about “BYOD” devices, and supporting User Enrollment is another step forward in how Jamf admins can ensure workplace security while also enabling employees to access work email and apps on their personal devices. Enrollment

  • Customization– Jamf Pro and Jamf School now support Enrollment Customization, a secure and automated enrollment experience that also delivers new user-friendly personalized customization options like a welcome screen and support for modern authentication during iOS enrollment. Jamf admins can now easily configure “PreStage Panes” to display user agreements, authentication prompts and other content in the Jamf interface to deliver a more secure and even better out-of-the-box user experience. 

  • Single Sign-On – As organizations scale their Apple ecosystems, users often end up having to sign in more frequently to third-party software. Jamf is helping power a better user experience by streamlining the number of times they need to sign into third-party software through new single sign-on extension configuration options in Jamf Pro and Jamf School. The iOS payloads make Jamf Pro and Jamf School ready for simplified sign-in as app developers add support this fall.

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