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iVisor Glass Privacy protects your iPhone, and provides privacy — but at a cost

iVisor’s $54.95 Glass Privacy not only protects your Apple smartphone’s screen from scratches (I tested the one for the iPhone 6 Plus), but it also acts as a shield to prevent people from casually glancing at your screen content. 

Thanks to its proprietary multi-layered coating, it offers a clear view when looking your iPhone straight-on, while preventing others from seeing your screen at an angle. One of my favorite features is that the iVisor Glass Privacy is “100% bubble-proof.” I installed in seconds with no tools. When I was finished, my iVisor-wrapped iPhone had no bubbles.

However, unlike some screen protectors, it’s made of glass (“atomically-strengthened IonGlass”), not plastic. The bit of extra thickness provides more protection, but also slightly reduces the touch sensitivity of the iPhone screen. Also, the iVisor shows fingerprints even worse than the iPhone’s naked display.

Is it for you? Perhaps IF you’re willing to give up some touch sensitivity for the privacy features and adequate protection.

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