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iPhone users spend $101 every month on tech purchases

Slickdeals, a crowdsourced shopping platform, asked 1,000 iPhone users and 1,000 Android users about their unique behaviors, lifestyle choices, personality traits, and spending habits. They found that iPhone uses spend about $101 each month on tech purchases.

The survey revealed distinct differences in spending habits among iOS and Android respondents, heavily influenced by the relationship between income and product prices. Typically, those with higher incomes can comfortably afford, and are likely to purchase, iPhones due to the fact that Apple products normally cost more than Androids.

According to Slickdeals CEO Josh Meyers, iPhone users make an average salary of $53,251 and are more likely to splurge on commodity items than those with Androids. On the contrary, Android users make an average salary of $37,040, making it a plausible reason as to why they may be drawn to the cheaper prices of Android products. 

iPhone users also reported that they usually spend an average of $117 every month on clothes, whereas Android users would spend about only $62 per month. Additionally, iPhone users will shell out $101 on technology and $83 on makeup products. For Android users, their average monthly expenses come out to about $51 for tech-related items and $40 for beauty. 

Aside from being highly money-conscious, the survey suggested that Android users are not as attached to their phones as iPhone users can be. Those with iPhones have almost double the amount of selfies (12), screen time (about 5 hours), and texts sent per day (58) in comparison to Android owners (7, about 4 hours, and 26, respectively). To put those numbers into perspective, iPhone users are spending up to five whole hours a day, or 76 full days a year, looking at their phones in some capacity.

“Overall, we’ve seen a rapid shift from desktop to mobile shopping for consumers,” Meyers says. “With people spending at least five hours a day on their phone, continued migration towards mobile seems almost inevitable. Here at Slickdeals, the leading crowdsourced shopping platform, our mobile app is at the forefront of this transition, empowering consumers to make better shopping decisions at home or on-the-go.”

Although it may appear as if scrolling through social media for at least four hours a day means iPhone users are glued to their phones more than anything else, results indicated otherwise. iPhone users reported that they enjoy going out, meeting people, and experiencing new things, whereas Android users prefer to spend their time indoors with the action on the screen. 

Hence, according to Slickdeals, iPhone users have a tendency to be more adventurous and extroverted than Android users. It was also suggested that iPhone users are generally happier than Android users, which is likely attributed to the fact that iPhone and Android users generally appreciate different things and have contrasting personality traits.

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