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iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus adoption seems to be lower than for previous models

iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus adoption was lower than previous models over the first three days of availability as customers are apparently waiting for the iPhone X.

During the first weekend of sales, the iPhone 8 grabbed 0.3% of the device market share, while the iPhone 8 Plus accounts for 0.4%., according to data from the Localytics research group. However, keep in mind that this data doesn’t represent sales of the newest Apple smartphones, but measures users who have received their phones and have started using apps.

“Comparing first weekend adoption of the iPhone 8 models to previous models shows a notable, albeit not dramatic, difference,” says Localytics. “Last year, we reported that the iPhone 7 model garnered 1% adoption during the first weekend of sales, which was lower than 2015’s iPhone 6 launch, which grabbed 2% in its first weekend. The iPhone 8 Plus on the other hand had a slightly stronger first weekend compared to previous ‘Plus’ models, as the 7 Plus secured 0.2% in 2016 and the 6 Plus grabbed 0.3% in 2015.”

And, as the Wall Street Journal noted, slow adoption on the iPhone 8 may actually be a good sign for Apple and an indication of potentially strong interest in the iPhone X.  

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