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‘iPhone 8’ delayed until November? I don’t think so

Citing the always popular “unnamed sources from the supply chain,” the Korea Herald reports that the “iPhone 8” is being pushed back to November, though the “iPhone 7 Plus” and “iPhone 7s Plus’ will arrive in September.

The article says that the relocation of the fingerprint sensor, among other things, seems to be a sticking point for what will be the first OLED iPhone. What’s more, those anonymous sources say the rear design of the “iPhone 8” still hasn’t been finalized. 

The Sellers Research Firm (that’s me) feels this report is way off base. I think we’ll see the iPhone 8, iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7s Plus all unveiled at a special media event next month with all three going on sale later in September. However, as other pundits have predicted, it’s very likely that the iPhone 8 (pictured in fanciful mock-ups) will only be available in limited numbers (which pretty much happens every time a new smartphone is introduced). 

So it’s possible that the high end iPhone might not be widely available until November, but it will be released in September. And there’s no way, per my crystal ball, that Apple hasn’t finalized the rear design of the iPhone 8 at this point in time.

Dennis Sellers
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