iOttie releases Velox line of iPhone 13 accessories

iOttie has launched its Velox series of iPhone accessories, including the Velox Wireless Charging Air Vent Mount (pictured) and Velox Wireless Charging Power Bank.

The former is a MagSafe compatible accessory designed to keep your iPhone charged and visible while on the road. Its magnetic grip will hold the iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 securely in place (purportedly even on rough roads) while simultaneously delivering up to 7.5W of wireless power. The Velox Wireless Charging Air Vent Mount is made with an aluminum housing for efficient heat dissipation, allowing any MagSafe series iPhone to charge with maximum efficiency. The mount has a ball joint that’s adjustable for optimal viewing angles. Silicone prongs provide a vice-like grip and allow the mount to be installed quickly.

The Velox Wireless Charging Power Bank is a portable battery pack and MagSafe compatible charger. Its 5000mAh battery reportedly has enough power to add 30+ hours of extra usage to any iPhone 12 or iPhone 13. 

Its embedded auto detector senses your device, and automatically turns on wireless charging. When your iPhone is removed, the sensor will turn the power bank off to conserve battery. It’s built as an iPhone portable charger, but thanks to its bi-directional USB-C port, it also works as a power bank for additional devices and accessories.

The Velox Wireless Charging Air Vent Mount and Velox Wireless Charging Power Bank are each priced at US$54.95. The Wireless Charging Air Vent Mount will be available for preorder on Amazon and available for purchase on beginning September 28, 2021, with the Power Bank coming in November 2021. To learn more, visit the Velox Series at

Dennis Sellers
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