Thursday, February 29, 2024
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iOS vs. Android: a state-by-state comparison by ‘PCMag’

PCMag surveyed mobile operating system use across the country. Apple’s iOS won out in 36 out of 50 states at 54% of respondents overall, with Android coming in at 42%. Two percent chose none.

For iOS, the most popular states were Connecticut at 73% of respondents, Missouri at 72%, and Mississippi at 71%. In the states with the highest populations densities, the races were a bit tighter, but iOS still wound up with sizable leads. 

In California and New York, iOS had 58% in both states to Android’s 40% in CA (2% other) and 37% in NY (5% other.) Illinois was even wider at 63% for iOS and 33% for Android (4% other.)

The states where Android won out in PCMag’s survey were primarily less populous ones, including Alaska, Arkansas, Hawaii, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Montana, and Wyoming. The states with the highest percentages of Android users were Wyoming at 66% and Hawaii at 61%, but overall most states had far closer breakdowns with one operating system only ahead of the other by anywhere from 1-15 percentage points. 

The closest contests came in states including Colorado (49% iOS, 46% Android, 5% other), Kansas (Android 51%, iOS 49%) Minnesota (iOS 49%, Android 47%, 4% other,) North Carolina (50% iOS, 46% Android, 4% other,) and Rhode Island (51% Android, 49% iOS.)

PCMag surveyed 2,033 U.S. consumers in February to get its results. Also, note that the survey didn’t take into account fragmentation, i.e. which versions of Android or iOS were installed.

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