iOS (Old School) Icons Give A Retro Mac OS Vibe

iOS retro iPhone icon set

I’ll admit it — there was something refreshing about the icons on the original Mac. Simple bitmaps crafted by classic designers like Susan Kare gave the early Macs a style all their own. Now London-based designer Ben Vessey wants to bring that simple style to iPhones. He’s created the iOS (Old School) collection of app icons and wallpapers.

Modern apps, retro icons

Vessey created over 110 app icons and six monochromatic wallpapers to bring the retro look to life. Many of your favorite app icons are in the £3.99 collection. They include icons for the standard iPhone apps, social media apps, and productivity tools like Slack and Zoom.

Send out a tweet about the collection to get a free sample with 20 icons and two wallpapers. Your favorite app icons aren’t in the iOS (Old School) collection? Go “gold” for £79.99 and Vessey creates five custom icons just for you!

I personally love the look of these icons. They hearken back to the early days of Apple and give the iPhone the look of a modern Apple Newton MessagePad.

Steve Sande
the authorSteve Sande
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