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iOS-controlled Smarter Coffee coming to US in October

The Internet of Things keeps getting bigger, this time with a full “grind and brew” coffee maker from Smarter that’s expected to hit the US in October of 2017. The Smarter Coffee 2nd Generation isn’t HomeKit-enabled yet, but does come with an iOS app that also controls the company’s iKettles and the upcoming FridgeCam that was shown at CES 2017.

The Smarter Coffee 2nd Generation is indeed smarter when compared to the only other “smart coffeemaker” on the market, the Mr. Coffee Wi-Fi Enabled WeMo Coffeemaker (affiliate link). That device is also a 10-cup coffeemaker, but requires pre-ground coffee while the Smarter Coffee just needs to be filled with coffee beans and water before it brews on a pre-set schedule or on a cue from IFTTT, Alexa, or the Nest Cam. 

Smarter Coffee also lets you control the strength of the coffee, something that’s not possible remotely with the Mr. Coffee unit. The only way to control the strength of coffee with Mr. Coffee is to simply add or remove some ground coffee from the bin. With Smarter Coffee, you can dial up “strong mode” before the coffeemaker goes to work, making it possible to survive a bad morning.

Smarter notes that it “adding more integration partners in the future”, and Apple’s new policy of providing HomeKit authentication through software rather than hardware could make it much easier for the company to bring the power of Siri and HomeKit to the Smarter Coffee.

The Smarter Coffee is expected to retail for $249.99 when it arrives in the US in October.

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