iOS Apps: 5 Cool Ideas For Your Business

Running a business can feel like juggling flaming torches. Wouldn’t it be amazing if something could make it easier? Well, iOS apps could do that, in fact. 

And still, many businesses are hesitant about getting ones developed for them. Is it worth it? Will it pay off? While these are all reasonable questions, putting off the decision means missing out on some seriously cool opportunities.

What Are iOS Apps Exactly?

As the name suggests, iOS apps are designed specifically for Apple’s ecosystem. iPhones, iPads — you know them all too well. These apps are tailored to make the most of Apple’s hardware and software to provide a high-performance experience. The three major reasons why so many businesses are now turning to iOS application development services are that these apps can

  • streamline operations,
  • get customers interested,
  • complete tasks faster without errors.

What tasks are meant here, you may wonder? Well, imagine an app that integrates with your CRM and tracks sales. Your team gets to focus on closing deals instead of drowning in admin work. Or imagine a customer-facing app that offers personalized content, push notifications, and top-notch support. It’s all very attractive, isn’t it?

5 Examples of iOS Solutions That Can Power Businesses

  • IoT

IoT apps connect and control smart devices. Their finite goal is to make operations smoother. Let’s take an IoT app that manages smart sensors in your warehouse. It monitors conditions like temperature and humidity and sends alerts if something’s off. This prevents product spoilage and saves you money. And now imagine controlling your entire facility with a tap on your phone. That’s the magic that is already a reality.

  • Digital Publishing

Digital publishing apps let you create, distribute, and manage digital publications. These can be anything including e-books, magazines, or newsletters. For example, a custom app can help a publishing company deliver interactive content directly to readers’ iPads. This content will be complete with videos and interactive graphics to boost reader engagement.

So you’ve already guessed — it opens up new revenue streams through subscriptions and in-app purchases. Plus, it’s eco-friendly. No more printing costs!

  • Utility

Utility apps handle various functions, from calculating expenses to scanning documents. Imagine a custom utility app for your business that tracks expenses, invoices clients, and scans receipts. This makes financial management a breeze. You keep tabs on expenses and manage budgets easily. Most importantly, you save a great deal of time.

  • Location-based

Location-based apps use GPS technology to provide location-specific services. Think about a retail store with custom location-based software. When customers walk in, they get personalized offers and discounts on their phones. Or imagine a delivery service using an app to optimize routes and provide real-time updates to customers. Sounds like a surefire way to make your clients happier, doesn’t it?

  • mCommerce

Mobile commerce (mCommerce) apps are, in fact, your way to tap into the growing mobile shopping market. They let customers browse products, make purchases, and track orders from their mobile devices. A custom mCommerce app can likewise offer personalized product recommendations, secure payment options, and push notifications for sales.

Final Thoughts

All in all, investing in custom iOS apps can open up new opportunities on condition that you have a clear idea of what kind of application you need and what it’ll do for you. If these conditions are met, you’ll be able to order (and then get) cool custom iOS solutions that will let you reach more clients, keep them more engaged, and leave them happier.

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