IOGEAR USB-C 8K Nano Dock Pro a handy on-the-road accessory for certain Mac laptop, iPad Pro models

It’s always nice to be able to pack a light tech bag by choosing the best accessories, and that’s where the US$69.95 IOGEAR USB-C 8K Nano Dock Pro can help out.

It’s a powerful 6-in-1, USB-C dock that can connect a single 8K monitor or dual 4K monitors (with caveats) and three USB-A accessories thanks to its single USB-A 3.0, ant two USB-A 2.0 ports. You can use the Nano Dock Pro with your Mac (Thunderbolt 3/4/USB-C) laptop or an iPad Pro with USB-C. However, it only supports mirror mode on the tablet, not an extended display. 

Thanks to its 100W pass-through, you can use the Nano Dock Pro to charge, for example, MacBook Pros. You should note that the maximum of up to 85W of power can be delivered to the laptop after a “deduction” of 15W used by the docking station. Pass-thru power delivered to the laptop is dependent upon the capacity of your USB-C power supply. 

For example, if your USB-C power supply is 60W, then the maximum power can be delivered to the laptop is 60W-15W = 45W.  If your power supply is 87W, then the maximum power can be delivered to the laptop is 87W-15W= 60W.

The Nano Dock Pro which is made of durable aluminum, supports video up to 8K for a single display or up to two 4K displays. However, you should also note that macOS doesn’t support DisplayPort daisy-chaining, also known as multi-stream (MST), on any of their computers, from MacBooks to MacBook Pros to iMac Pros to Mac Pros, even if they sport Thunderbolt 3. That’s not IOGEAR’s fault, just the way it is (with Apple).

Despite those limitations, the IOGEAR USB-C 8K Nano Dock is a nice, small accessory to take with you on the road.

Review overview

Port options7.8

The Pros

  • Lightweight & portable
  • durable
  • good expansion port options

The Cons

  • Only supports screen mirroring on the iPad
  • MST isn’t supported on macOS


8.9The IOGEAR USB-C 8K Nano Dock is great for working professionals and students that are always on the go.

Dennis Sellers
the authorDennis Sellers
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