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inTone2 is a flexible audio tool for the Mac

By Aaron Lee

Audiffex’s inTone2 is a multifaceted multichannel effects processor, software mixing console, virtual instruments host, and flexible multitrack zonal player for macOS 10.8 or higher.

You begin using it by routing any audio interface inputs into an audio chain in inTone2. Each audio chain features a BAL (balance) control; EFFECTS section; volume fader; B (bypass), M (mute), and S (solo) buttons; AUX 1 and AUX 2 sends; and individual RECORDING ability. Any audio chain can be routed to any audio interface output or inTone2’s internal Master chain. Simply said, inTone2 acts as a virtual amplifier for electric instruments or live effects unit for vocals.

Virtual instruments such as soft synths and samplers can also be brought into the musical mix. What’s more, multiple virtual instruments can be made to sound together, thanks to inTone2’s ingenious virtual instrument chains.

Cueing up inTone2’s Track Player reveals a MP3/AAC/WAV/AIFF file player, allowing users to create playlists, change speed and tuning of songs, and loop the playback. Studious musicians — amateurs and professionals alike — almost always need to record themselves, though. inTone2 allows any user to record the audio signal of any track at almost any point in the signal path.

You can record the whole mix, record the Master chain, or simultaneously record multiple tracks of the live mix ready to mix them at a later date. Daring users can record unprocessed audio or, conversely, can even add a Track Recorder module at any position within the Effects section.

Every track in inTone2 features eight audio effect slots. Users can get going creatively courtesy of 36 effects included in inTone2, ranging from dynamic effects to EQs, amp simulations to filters and beyond. Users can enlarge their effects collection by adding additional Audiffex plug-ins, including ampLion Pro (aimed at guitarists), GK Amplification 2 Pro (aimed at bassists), and much more besides, as well as AU-, DirectX-, and VST-compatible third-party plug-ins. Plug (in) and play, perhaps?

Players preferring a more hands-on approach can connect any MIDI controller and decide what inTone2 parameters they would like to control live while playing. Users can turn knobs, move faders, switch effects on and off, change presets and more.

inTone2 for Mac and PC is available to purchase for $49. A demo is available for download.

Apple World Today Rating (out of 5 stars): ★★★★

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