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Interview: Addigy CEO Jason Dettbarn and VP of Channel Sales Adam Degar

Apple World Today’s Dennis Sellers is in Miami, FL at the 2019 Addigy Partners Summit. Addigy is a powerful management web app and platform for Macs and iOS devices. The company held its inaugural summit last year, and it proved worthwhile to the company to get together with partners to meet, collaborate and engage on topics of interest regarding Apple and Addigy. Addigy uses the conference to not only find out how partners are doing with the service, but what challenges they’re running into and how Addigy can help solve those challenges.

In this interview, recorded March 7, 2019, Dennis talks with Addigy CEO Jason Dettbarn and VP of Channel Sales Adam Degar. Press the play button on the player below to listen to the unedited interview.

I used to clean them with whatever was at hand: my shirt, a tissue, etc. What a bother. But I love it when I come across something that’s inexpensive and fills my needs precisely. In this case, my go to for this situation is Peeps

This carbon eyeglass cleaner leaves the inside and outside of your lenses smudge- and oil-free every time. Remove dust with the included brush, then let the facing carbon pads wipe off oils and smudges—even in the most difficult corners.

For only $14.95, this an indispensable no-brainer for daily use. Keep it by your desktop or carry it with you for when you’re out and about with your mobile devices.

There’s something ironic about having a low-cost gadget help you use your expensive (sometimes extremely expensive) electronics. It’s not high tech, but it will make your work routine a bit easier.

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