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Intel previews new Kaby Lake processors; look for ‘em in upcoming iMacs, MacBook Pros

At this week’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Intel is announcing an expansion of its current CPU lineup, with the addition of several new and more powerful seventh-generation Core i-series processors known by the code name of Kaby Lake. You can expect to see them, per my crystal ball, in iMacs that will arrive in the spring and new MacBook Pros that will arrive in late summer or early fall.

Some Kaby Lake chips were available in 2016. However, they were the low-power Y-series processors, intended for slim, lightweight laptops. The processors announced today are more mainstream with more power.

Built on an improved 14nm process, Kaby Lake features faster CPU clock speed changes. It also features a new graphics architecture to improve performance in 3D graphics and 4K video playback. The platform also supposedly provides enhanced battery life and security features.

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