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InstruMMents 01: A smart dimensioning tool that works with your iPhone

When most people try to measure something, they grab a tape measure — an “instrument” that was first available in 1860. Tape measures usually require two hands, and they’re woefully inaccurate for short dimensions. InstruMMents, an offshoot of stylish fitness wearable Misfit (co-founded by ex-Apple CEO John Sculley), today announced the 01 (US$149, available in December). It’s a smart dimensioning tool that can be used with one hand on straight or curved surfaces to measure distances accurately, all with the assistance of your iPhone.

The 01 looks like a pen, and in fact that’s one of the three “styles” available: pen, pencil, or stylus. One end is a writing or pointing instrument, while the top of the 01 contains a laser to accurately sight the starting and ending points of what is being measured, and rotates as you move it along whatever you’re measuring. 

That rotation is sent to the iPhone, which displays the exact linear distance in metric or imperial units. There are several other features of the 01:

  • Scale: dimension drawings or maps in any scale.
  • Quick W-H-D: captures width, height and depth automatically, making dimensioning boxes fast.
  • Blink Interval: Set up grids, hang things equally apart or gauge rough dimensions without your phone.

The InstruMMents 01 carries the same stylish heritage as the Misfit devices; the units can be customized with a signature, and the first 20,000 buyers will also receive a Saffiano sleeve for the device (later available for $29). The company will also sell pen and lead refills for those models of the 01. 

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