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Insight launches Mac Enablement Program for businesses

Insight Enterprises, am integrator of “Insight Intelligent Technology Solutions  for organizations of all sizes,” has introduced its Mac Enablement Program, a tiered offering designed to help organizations deliver the Mac devices employees want, while modernizing businesses’ digital workplace environment.

It gives employees the choice of which devices and tools they use means dismantling traditional approaches to desktop deployment, management and security. Insight’s Mac Enablement Program offers a turnkey and scalable option for incorporating Macs and other Apple devices into a modern management approach, providing the supporting resources needed to run a completely diversified environment.

You can contact Insight for a free assessment of your business to find out wha the Mac Enablement Program will cost.

To better understand the benefits and costs associated with deploying Mac in the enterprise, a 2019 Forrester study commissioned by Apple found Mac computers were easier to manage, offered an improved employee experience and a more secure platform. This resulted in an average significant economic benefit of $678 savings per Mac vs. PC over three years, including hardware, software, support, and operations, according to Forrester.

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