iMyFone AnyTo for Mac: Easily Change Your iOS Device Location

The built-in geolocation abilities of your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch are both a blessing and a curse. It’s great for your friends and family to have a way to know where you are by using the Find My app that comes with iOS, or to share your location through a number of other apps.

On the other hand, sharing your exact location can be a real problem if there’s someone who is stalking you — with or without your knowledge. You may also want to change your location to make friends or family think you’re somewhere else than where you actually are.

Change Your Location

iMyFone AnyTo for Mac is a location changer to “spoof” the location that you’re currently at. In this article, I’ll discuss a number of use cases for iMyFone AnyTo for Mac. You can download a free trial of the app, and if you find yourself using it for safety or fun, purchase a license starting at just $9.95 per month or get a lifetime of service for just $59.95.

Curious? Check out this short video!

No Jailbreak Required!

You don’t hear much about jailbreaking anymore, but it’s a way to run applications that Apple doesn’t want you to have. It’s a violation of the Apple End User License Agreement (EULA), and can open an iOS or iPadOS device to serious security leaks.

In the past, anyone who wanted to spoof their location for any reason had to go through the arduous process of jailbreaking their device, then load an app of questionable origin.

Not so with iMyFone AnyTo for Mac. No jailbreaking is required; you just download the app, define your present location, and then start changing that location!

An Example of Using iMyFone AnyTo for Mac

Let’s say that I’m working at home but I want my buddies to think that I’m actually out playing golf. I start by launching AnyTo for Mac, which highlights my location on the map as a blue dot.

iMyFone AnyTo for Mac: The blue dot indicates the starting location

Now I want my friends to see me “driving” over to the golf course, so I’ll use one of the features called Two-Spot Mode to simulate that. Clicking the Two-Spot Mode button on the AnyTo map, I then enter my destination address and set a speed.

Setting up a route in iMyFone AnyTo

One of the only negative points of this app right now is its insistence on using metric units — there is not a way to change to English units (miles, feet). Also, the maximum speed allowed by the app is 36 km/h (about 22 miles per hour), which is unrealistic given the American propensity to drive on freeways at 75 mph (120 kph).

Driving to the “Golf Course”

Click Move, and a virtual “car” begins driving along a route to the destination. From a friend’s point of view, they see me driving — albeit slowly — to the golf course.

iMyFone AnyTo showing the virtual car driving to another location

Once I get to the golf course and “park my car”, I can even take a virtual walk from hole to hole, playing a full 18-hole round of golf. This uses “Multi-Spot Mode” and I set my speed to a walking pace.

AnyTo – playing a virtual round of golf

All the while, my friends are thinking I’m actually playing a round of golf, while I’m actually getting caught up on work.

Using iMyFone AnyTo for Mac, it’s easy to set your location as another place in by clicking the “Teleport” Mode button. Imagine the surprise of that person when they try to find you and can’t! What’s even better is that AnyTo can even show you moving along a pre-set path using Two-Spot and Multi-Spot Modes.

Two-Spot Mode

In Two-Spot Mode, you set up your starting and ending locations, and AnyTo creates a route on roads in your area. You can set your speed so that it looks like you’re really driving at a legal speed along city streets or country roads.

This is what I used in the example above when I was driving from my home to the golf course club house.

Multi-Spot Mode

While Two-Spot Mode can only be used on mapped streets, Multi-Spot Mode is much more flexible.

You can move anywhere on the map. Want your acquaintances to believe that you’re hiking a mountain trail to a park, then taking a rowboat out on a lake? Set up to 100 spots in Multi-Spot Mode, choose a speed that’s more suited to walking or rowing, and they’ll “see” you sauntering along if they’re following your location.

In my earlier example, this is what I used to fake playing a round of golf.

Use Cases for iMyFone AnyTo for Mac

Uses for iMyFone AnyTo for Mac are only limited by your imagination, but I’ll give you some examples.

Do you like to play Pokemon Go, but you’re finding that your ability to get out and capture those Pokemon is limited by weather or location? Don’t worry — use iMyFone AnyTo! The following video from last year shows just how to do this (the Windows version shown is identical to the Mac version).

Think of making your friends believe you’re doing a lot of traveling, when you’re actually at home! It’s possible with AnyTo. You can send fake locations from virtually any app that uses GPS location. Instagram, WhatsApp, Swarm, and Facebook Messenger are just a few examples.

A fan of Snapchat? Create a fake location on Snapchat and surprise your friends!

Tired of seeing the same dating profiles in apps like Facebook Dating and Tinder? Expand your romantic horizons by spoofing the apps with a different location.

There are many more things you can use iMyFone AnyTo for Mac for. The best way to get an idea of other use cases is to download the app for free, or purchase it securely from iMyFone.

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