Illinois bill would stop Apple, Google from taking cut of profits from app developers

Illinois state senators have filed a bill aimed at stopping tech giants like Apple and Google from taking a cut of profits from Illinois app developers, according to a WGEM report.

Currently, whenever an in-app purchase is made through Apple or Google’s payment service, the tech giants take a 30% cut of the profit. App providers aren’t allowed to use other payment services without the risk of being taken off the platform.

The Freedom to Subscribe Directly Act would prohibit Apple and Google from requiring developers to use their app stores to sell their products and services.Senator Robert Peters (D – Chicago) calls Google and Apple a “middleman,” charging a fee to allow app developers to connect with consumers. the current system, he says, siphons money from residents into large corporate accounts “in the Caymans.”

Dennis Sellers
the authorDennis Sellers
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