I’d love to see Center Stage arrive on Macs that debut at a March event , but ….

With perhaps 1-3 Macs announced at a March event, I’d love to see Center Stage come to the Mac. However, I don’t think this will happen next month. 

I want to see Face ID come to the Mac (and think it will next year). However, I think the Center Stage feature would be an even bigger asset to macOS.

About Center Stage

Center Stage in iPadOS 15 uses the Ultra Wide camera and machine learning on iPads to change the way you participate in video calls. As you move around, it automatically pans to keep you centered in the frame. When others join in or leave the call, the view expands or zooms in. As Apple notes, Center Stage works with FaceTime and other video conferencing apps for an even more engaging experience.

There are still a lot of folks working from home as COVID still continues to rampage. Center Stage would be a nice feature for work calls or video conversations with family and friends. 

As for Face ID, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman thinks that, when it comes to the Mac, the feature will debut on either a new external monitor or a an iMac. So perhaps we’ll see an updated 24-inch iMac with a M2 processor AND Face ID this fall.

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Dennis Sellers
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