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I managed to place my Apple Vision Pro order; here’s how it went

Apple says there are now over 1,000 apps designed for the Vision Pro.

I managed to place my Apple Vision Pro order, and the process was smoother than I expected. Here’s how it went:

I launched the App Store on my iPhone before 7 am (Central) and got the message that the store was down, but would be up soon. Once it was “live,” I began placing my order.

As previously reported, a face scan was required to make sure your Vision Pro fits properly and comfortably. The scan was basically the same as the process for setting up Face ID.

After that you configure the “spatial computer” to your specific needs. The base model with 256GB is US$3,499, the 512GB is $3,699, and the 1TB model is $3,899. If you want a Belkin Battery Holder, that’ll cost you an extra $49.95. You also have the option to purchase AppleCare for surprisingly high $499 extra.

Belkin Vision Pro Battery Clip

You can also place your order for attachable lens if you need them. You can order prescription lens for $149 and reading lens for $99. Once you’ve placed your order, you’ll be given a link where you can send your prescription lens prescription to ZEISS, which makes the optical inserts. 

When you submit your prescription, you get a message that ells you that you’ll be informed if the prescription is compatible with the Vision Pro. My prescription is for bifocals, so we’ll see how that goes. 

After all that is completed, you’ll have your choice of payment options, including monthly installments or all at once via Apple Pay.

I’m slated to pick up my Vision Pro at 1:30 on February 2 at the Apple Downtown Store in Nashville, TN. I’ll keep you posted on all developments. For now, I’m glad to report that the process for ordering a Vision Pro was much smoother for me than the times I’ve queued up to order a new iPhone.

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