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I don’t think Apple wants to replace the iPhone with the Vision Pro

If you forget your Apple Vision Pro password, plan on heading to your Apple retail store.

YouTube will follow in Netflix’s footsteps and not release a dedicated app for the Apple Vision Pro’s upcoming launch, according to TechCrunch

According to Jared Timmins, Vice President of Innovation for Media Solutions at Diversified (a company that “connects people, technology and experiences), it would not be a major surprise for these two to reverse this decision as Apple’s long-term strategy around the Vision Pro is better understood. 

He thinks (and I disagree) that Apple wants to replace the iPhone with the Apple Vision Pro. Here’s hat Timmons says in a statement to Apple World Today: The general trend is towards 3D, spatial computing, and the metaverse. Meta’s work in the metaverse, now widely ridiculed, was not the ‘final word’ but simply the most recent attempt at innovation by a big tech company in that space. Now it is Apple’s turn, and they see the Vision Pro more as the next generation iPhone, where the iPhone is no longer needed, as opposed to being an add-on to an iPhone, which is what it is today. 

Like what happened with the iPhone – and every other tech device – the Apple Vision Pro will become lighter, it will become quicker, the battery will improve so it will be more detached from a computer or device, and it will become more integrated into our day-to-day lives. It’ll look like a pair of eyeglasses in three, four, or five years from now.

In the meantime, Apple will secure the professional use cases they can secure right now, which do not necessarily need massive consumer adoption while working towards driving the price down and offering different versions to increase its accessibility. This trajectory explains the head-scratching from many consumers regarding the Vision Pro, for whom a headset does not fit into their current tech device needs. The ultimate goal is not to supplement their iPhone but to replace it.

Dennis Sellers
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