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Hunter Muller: Apple’s performance will benefit Samsung, Google, Microsoft

Hunter Muller, president and CEO of HMG Strategy, a provider of executive networking events and “thought leadership,” predicts that Apple’s financial performance over the next few quarters will also benefit Samsung, Google and Microsoft as competition and opportunities in the smartphone market continue to heat up.

Apple’s steady performance over time is benefitting all tech makers, at virtually every level of competition,” says Muller. “Sooner or later, many of the new features and capabilities introduced in smartphones will make their way into the products and services we use in our roles as technology executives. That’s why the ongoing competition between Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, Google and other tech companies matters – and why we need to pay close attention.”

In an HMG Tech News Digest article, he points to the introduction of Microsoft’s new dual-screen Android phone, the Surface Duo. 

“While nobody expects Microsoft’s new dual-screen phone to suddenly leap ahead of the iPhone in sales, the introduction of the new phone will definitely add sizzle to the market and spark more interest in all things related to smart devices,” says Muller.

Heightened competition in the smartphone market is creating new dynamics, both in B2C and B2B markets. 

“From my perspective, this is an absolutely fascinating phenomenon – a self-generating tide that lifts all boats,” says Muller. “Something like this never would have been possible before the emergence of the Internet, social media and the global economy.”

Dennis Sellers
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