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How to use the Maps app on your Apple Watch for directions

If you launch the Maps app on the Apple Watch, you can search for a location. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Force-touch on the main map interface.
  • Tap Search.
  • Tap Dictation or Favorites. Or you can choose from the Recents list to begin navigating to the location you desire. (Any time you navigate to a location, it will appear in the Recents list.)

By default, your current location is displayed when you open the Maps app. You can zoom in and out of your location by scrolling with the Digital Crown, or pan around the area using your finger When you’re using the smartwatch for directions, it will make a ticking sound and use the Taptic engine to remind you when turn-based actions are necessary to continue navigation on the current route.

Whenever navigation is in progress, your Apple Watch will display the current directions whenever you raise your wrist. You’ll see a next action view that shows the next turn action you need to take. If you want to see a map instead, swipe to the left to display the map view.

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