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How to use the Look Around feature in Maps in iOS

iOS 13 introduced a Look Around feature in the Maps app that’s powered by the new basemap and high-resolution 3D photography. Here’s how to use it in iOS 13, 14, and 15.

It delivers street-level imagery of a city with smooth transitions. To see it in action, select a specific address, open the Maps app, and:

Enter the location or address in the search bar option that says, “Search for a place or address” toward the bottom.

Choose the address you wish from the options offered. Once the map for the location opens, you can:

One: Press the binoculars icon for a minimized Look Around view. If Look Around data is available (and it sometimes isn’t), you’ll see a Look Around image pop up. You can either press Done to exit or press the expand icon with two arrows in the upper-left of the preview if you want to see the imagery in fullscreen mode.

Two: For a fullscreen view, you’ll hopefully see a preview of the Look Around view under the address once Apple Maps pulls it up. Press the preview image, and it will expand to fullscreen mode. Once you’re done, you can either use the minimize button in the upper left-hand corner or press Done.

To use the Look Around view with no specific address in mind, open Maps and navigate to a general location. Then zoom in close until the binoculars icon appears in the upper right. Press the icon.

The Look Around feature will choose a spot around the middle of the map, and the a preview will pop up. To look at other spots, pinch or swipe your fingers around to center the circular binocular icon on the map. You can even zoom out during this process for a wider view, but if you go too far, you’ll see warnings such as “Zoom in to see street imagery” or “Imagery is not available for this area.” If you get one of those messages, you’ll have to zoom in again.

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