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How to take a screenshot or screen recording on the Vision Pro

The Apple Vision Control Center

With the Apple Vision Pro, you can capture what’s in your view as a still image or recording. Everything you see in your view will be included, including your physical room, Environment, and apps.

However, as Apple explains in a support document, your view will be obscured when entering a password or passcode.When you take a capture or recording, it’s automatically saved to Photos.

To capture a still image of your view

Do either of the following:

To record your view

  1. Open Control Center, tap the icon of two buttons sitting atop each other, then tap the video button (a dot inside a circle). If you don’t see the video button, go to Settings  > Control Center to add it. 
  2. To stop recording, tap the record button or the red status bar at the top of your view, then tap Stop.

You can share your view with others on a compatible screen (like a TV). You can mirror your view on another screen, such as a compatible TV, so others around you can see what you’re doing on Apple Vision Pro.

To share your view

  1. Open Control Center, then tap icon of two buttons sitting atop each other.
  2. Tap the AirDrop icon, then choose a compatible device from the list of available devices. Only devices that are connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your Apple Vision Pro appear in the list.
    Your view on Apple Vision Pro is shared on the screen you selected, but is obscured while you enter a password or passcode.

To show or hide notifications when you’re sharing your view

  1. Go to Settings  > Notifications > Screen Sharing.
  2. Turn Allow Notifications on or off.
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