How To Succeed In The Equity Crowdfunding Of Your iOS App 

Apple seeded has seeded the release candidates of iOS 17.4 and iPadOS 17.4 to developers.

So you got a cool app to launch. But before it can come to life, particularly if you aim for more sophisticated features and tech, you’ll need a hefty sum of money. The more you refine it, the more expensive it gets.

There are plenty of ways to fund this project. If you want this venture to work seamlessly, you must target a broader and more capable group of investors. This reason makes equity crowdfunding one of the best ways to nourish your iOS app journey.

Equity crowdfunding offers an exciting avenue for iOS app developers to raise capital by selling a portion of their company to the public. This method is not only about acquiring funds. It is also about building a community of supporters invested in your app’s success. However, for an iOS app, the game’s nuances are slightly different. Let’s delve into the specifics:

Know Your Regulatory Environment

For app developers, understanding the regulatory framework is a vital step to take. Depending on your jurisdiction, there might be rules governing how you can solicit investments. Familiarize yourself with these regulations, or hire an IP lawyer to protect your digital assets.

Highlight Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

What makes your iOS app stand out in the crowded App Store? Be it a novel feature, a unique design, or solving a problem no other app addresses, ensure that your USP shines through in your pitch.

Demo & Prototype

Investors want to see your app in action. A working prototype or, even better, a live version on the App Store can make a huge difference. Showcase user testimonials, ratings, and feedback to add credibility.

Financial Transparency

With an app, metrics like user acquisition cost, lifetime value of a customer, and monthly active users become crucial—present clear, detailed projections about potential growth, monetization strategies, and pathways to profitability.

Select an Appropriate Crowdfunding Platform

While general equity crowdfunding platforms can work, platforms specializing in tech or app startups might be more fitting—research platform options to find one that aligns with your target audience and app category.

Engage with the iOS Community

Reach out to iOS-focused forums, blogs, and influencers. Participate in developer conferences or webinars. This not only builds visibility but also establishes credibility within the app developer community.

Growth Hacking Techniques

For an app, leveraging the app store’s algorithms, ASO (App Store Optimization), and working with key opinion influencers in the tech space can instantly boost awareness.

Limited-time promotions or features exclusive to your platform backers as added incentives. There are other strategies that you can exhaust. Still, when it comes to apps and websites, there are main concerns you need to prioritize, such as usability, user-friendliness, and the value they contribute to the daily lives of the users.

The iOS choice itself is already a brilliant move, as you only need to ride the iOS demographic and narrow down a bit so you can reach your intended segment.

Open Channels of Communication

Just like app users, investors appreciate transparency. Provide regular updates on development milestones, user feedback, and any new features in the pipeline. Address queries promptly.

Offer Exclusive Perks

To incentivize potential investors, offer them exclusive app features, early access to updates, or even a say in potential features or improvements. This not only attracts investment but also fosters a sense of ownership among backers.

Nurture Investor Relationships Post-Campaign

Once your campaign is over, maintain active communication with your investors. They’re not just shareholders; they’re ambassadors for your app. Their feedback, network, and advocacy can be invaluable as you scale.


Equity crowdfunding for your iOS app is a strategic move that, when executed correctly, can propel your app to new heights. By emphasizing your USP, showcasing the app’s potential, and building a community of invested backers, you can pave the way for financial and developmental success. Remember, in the world of apps, user engagement is king. When you merge that with investor engagement, you’re setting the stage for unparalleled growth.

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