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How to Replace a Hard Drive in a MacBook Pro

In this article, we will tell you how to replace the hard drive in MacBook Pro with your own hands without hiring a specialist.

MacBook Pro users sometimes discover a need for a hard disk drive replacement. For example, if you want to increase the memory or if the drive storing the data has failed. In this article, we will tell you how to replace the hard drive in MacBook Pro with your own hands without hiring a specialist.

Instructions for Replacing the Hard Disk Drive in Your MacBook Pro

You do not need any special knowledge or skills to replace your storage device. Just follow our instructions and observe all recommendations.

Before replacing the MacBook Pro drive, prepare the surface to work on. If it’s a regular table, cover it with a tablecloth or fabric to avoid damaging the device case. You’ll also need a good quality #00 slotted screwdriver and a spudger or plastic credit card.

1. Unplug your MacBook Pro from the power outlet

Disconnect the device from the power source to prevent the possibility of a short circuit during the hard disk drive replacement process. Turn your MacBook upside down and put it on the top side with the Apple logo on it.

2. Removal of screws

Remove ten screws that keep the bottom of your MacBook Pro attached. Hold the screwdriver vertically and do not apply excess pressure to avoid damaging the threads. It is recommended to memorize or write down the layout of the screws to make sure the reassembling will be completed seamlessly.

3. Removing the cover and disconnecting the battery

Remove the back cover by gently prying off its edges and set it aside. The battery is located at the bottom right. Carefully use a spudger or credit card to lift the battery connector and remove it from its slot.

4. Disconnecting the hard disk drive from its fixtures

The drive is located in the bottom corner of the unit on the left side. Find the retaining plate that attaches the drive to the chassis of the device on the top edge of the hard disk drive. Remove two screws to remove the plate and set it aside.

6. Remove the hard disk drive from your MacBook Pro

Find the plastic tab (clear or white, depending on the model) at the area of the retaining plate from which you removed two screws. Pull the edge of the tab to remove the hard disk drive from the slot.

7. Disconnecting the hard disk drive from your MacBook Pro

The drive is attached to the black bar on the left. Gently disconnect it from the connector but make sure that the other end remains connected to your MacBook.

8. Installing a new hard disk drive

Replace the old drive with the new one, following all the steps in the instructions in reverse order. 

An old hard disk can be used as an external storage device. For this purpose, it is recommended to purchase a special case that the drive can be placed in for a convenient USB connection and protection from external negative impacts.

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