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How to do playlist sorting in Apple Music in iOS 16

With iOS 16 the Music app with iOS 16 now lets you to sort playlists by a handful of different options. Before, all playlists in the Music app were sorted by the order in which the songs were added to the playlist.

In other words, the first songs added at the top and the songs added most recently at the bottom. Now there are more sorting options. To sort a playlist:

° Tap a playlist, then tap the circle-with-three-dots icon at the top right of the screen.

° Tap Sort By, then choose an option—Playlist Order, Title, Artist, Album, or Release Date.

iOS 16 also allows you to mark a particular artist as a favorite. “Keep track of the artists you care about most with new music notifications and improved recommendations,” Apple explains. This new favorite option can be found on the profile of an artist in the Music app.

Dennis Sellers
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