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How To Change The Keyboard Layout In IOS (Guide)

These days we spend a lot of time on our smartphones. The thing is, people are getting more and more attached to their phones. 

They are doing their daily routine work from the phone now. This is making smartphones all the more critical. 

When we are talking about smartphones from apple, the complete experience becomes different. As iOS changes, using it is very different from the Android platform.

So if you have been using an iPhone and you are bored with the keyboard layout and wanna change it. Here is a quick guide on how to do so.

Ways To Change The Keyboard Layout In IOS:

Follow this step-by-step guide to change the keyboard layout of your iPhone:

° First, you need to access the settings panel of your mobile phone, as all system settings are integrated with the settings panel.

° When you have opened the settings panel, search for the keyboard there.

° When your search for a keyboard, keyboard settings will appear. Click on it.

° When you enter the keyboard settings, there is no direct option for a layout change.

° You have to click on the English option displayed there.

° There is an emoji option, too, if you want to change the emoji options.

° Now when you click on the English option, all the keyboard layouts you have downloaded will be listed.

° Select one you are comfortable with, and the keyboard layout will change.

After doing that, you can test your new keyboard layout on keyboardtester.io

List of Features of An IOS Keyboard

The iPhone keyboard has some special characters that be accessed by using the click-and-hold feature. 

For example, a pop-up list of different characters will appear if you click and hold the “i” alphabet on the keyboard. You can slide to the character you like and use it in your message.

Shake To Undo

“Shake to undo” is a very helpful trick on an iPhone. By shaking your smartphone, you can easily undo the last words of the messages that you have typed. 

It works exactly like the “CTL +Z” OR “cmd + Z” function of your laptop.

Text Replacement Function

Text replacement is a very handy feature of the iPhone keyboard. It saves a lot of time by assigning a specific phrase to a character or a small word. 

For example, you can type “gtg,” and by pressing the spacebar, you can easily replace that text with “Good to go.”

Some More Neat Features

You can easily access other settings from the keyboard menu of the settings.  Go to the keyboard setting of your Pphone and use the text replacement function.

How to add a built-in keyboard to an iPhone

° Click on the settings icon on your phone to begin.

° Now navigate to the general settings in the menu.

° A navigation menu will appear once you enter the general settings.

° Go to the keyboard menu and tap on the “keyboards icon” to add a new keyboard.

° A scroll-down menu will appear once you click “add a new keyboard.”

° Choose your desired keyboard from the menu and add as many keyboards as you like.

How to use the keyboard after adding a new layout

Using the new keyboard layout is pretty easy on your iPhone. Just follow these steps:

° Open any messaging app like WhatsApp or messenger to use your keyboard.

° Navigate to the bottom corner of the keyboard, once you have opened the messaging application. You will see a globe-shaped icon.

° Click and hold on to the icon and select your desired keyboard.

° Alternatively, you can single-click the icon, which will automatically change the next keyboard in line.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How do I change my keyboard layout??

Answer. You can change your keyboard layout by accessing the setting layout and then going to the keyboard settings. 

Q2. How do you change the keyboard layout on iOS 15?

Answer. You can change the keyboard layout on ios 15 by accessing the settings and then accessing the keyboard settings.

Q3. What are the three types of Keyboards on iPhone?

Answer. There are three types of keyboards on the iPhone: QWERTY, AZERTY, and QWERTZ.

Q4. How do I align my iPhone Keyboard?

Ans. You can align the keyboard of your iPhone by changing the screen appearance settings and modifying the keyboard appearance there. 


iOS devices have been very popular for a long time. Customers have liked their services, and people have been buying apple smartphones. 

Changing the keyboard layout in an iOS device is not hard at all and can be done very quickly. 

What’s more, you can download external keyboard layouts and use them on your device.

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