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How macOS Big Sur will change for enterprises

By John Allen

Since the advent of modern computers and digital technology, the capabilities of the minds behind said technology have been perceived to exist within the confines of a (sizeable) vacuum. 

One with a glass ceiling of unknown durability — which didn’t matter, in the grand scheme of things. After all, the ceiling was not only touched, in the end, but rattled and shattered. 

At the top of this vacuum, surrounded by shards of previously unreachable glass, are Apple and macOS Big sure. Offering seemingly endless opportunities even for individual Mac users, the possibilities in store for enterprise content management can barely be fathomed.

macOS Big Sur: walking you through

No one would have judged you for letting your excitement get the better of you when you got the news. Few announcements stirred greater anticipation in June 2020 than the initial unveiling of Apple’s latest update of the Mac operating system.

Announced during the 2020 edition of Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, general downloads kicked off in the final quarter of 2020, marking the biggest design step-up in two decades.

At least, it’s arguably the biggest design step-up. You can still hold macOS Catalina in high regard, too. However, whether you’re into enterprise content management or not, seeking to keep leveraging the best digital technology or not, you should at least hear about the advantages of Big Sur.

In no particular order, one of the highlights of macOS Big Sur is an improved Internet surfing experience with Safari. With privacy and data protection attracting more attention than ever, you can now receive a Privacy Report on all visited sites thanks to Intelligent Tracking.

You’ll also find enhancements in the Maps application. There’s now a three-dimensional “Look Around” feature, as well as a guide creation optionthat can be used before any trip.

Further features for enterprise content management

As a testament to the crazy speed at which things in this space are currently moving, Apple has gone on to release the second betas of macOS 11.2 updates to developers and public beta testers.

However, no need to feel disoriented. Your energies are better devoted to learning how to use the operating system to the fullest with regard to managing your organization’s content, as well as finding and utilizing the best sales tools.

In the new dispensation of widespread virtual workplaces, solid Internet connectivity and super-efficient platforms have become more important. 

While there are standard applications designed to greatly aid enterprise content management, like Skype and Facebook Workplace, there are Skype alternatives available, too. 

Big Sur supports mobile device management, in particular, by enabling basic users to permit either Screen Recording or Input Monitoring in the Privacy pane of Security & Privacy preferences — via their respective MacBooks.

In the context of managing a small business, automated processes of this type are best suited to the handling of business management ideas

Data privacy is highly critical for organizations, with companies having to tread cautiously to forestall data breaches and data loss. However, as mentioned, macOS Big Sur’s Intelligent Tracking feature furnishes users with a Privacy Report on all sites loaded on the Safari browser. This eases the day-to-day management process of enterprises.

Other things to take note of

In the course of enterprise content management via systems running Big Sur, a switch to call center software — or a more effective call center software — becomes inevitable. To get the best out of customer relations, your enterprise needs to commence working with top call center providers as soon as possible. This is loosely related to securing the best sales tools.

Reliance on software and the best phone systems can be quite daunting for small businesses. Going digital is the best option, but the digital approach selected must be cost-effective. Enterprises should endeavor to carefully assess the best phone systems for small businesses.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is another interesting frontier being explored by today’s enterprises. This brings an interesting dimension to business management ideas. Essentially, increased executive efficiency and improved decision making intrinsically tie in to the adoption of AI technology.

Further down the line of modern business innovation are revenue recognition and performance marketing software. Revenue recognition software refers to digital processes geared toward assessing the accounting timeframe within which money earned and money spent are recognized.

On the other hand, performance marketing software is a groundbreaking take on marketing where payment is strictly limited to actual sales concluded, without factoring in popular metrics.

You must also ensure your enterprise is composed of competent team members. A virtual workplace naturally demands a virtual recruitment process. This process has been made much easier by a mobile recruitment app

This app allows candidates from any location to be reviewed, interviews to be promptly fixed and conducted, and many more. Available on the App Store, the app is a good way to leverage macOS Big Sur.

In pursuit of even more security, you can get the best enterprise network security products to forestall the occurrence of cyberattacks. For, as you well know, cyber-attacks can significantly impede the operations of an enterprise network.

macOS Big Sur is just getting started

Shipments of Apple’s Mac personal computers reportedly grew by an estimated nine percent in the fourth quarter of 2020. This can be partly attributed to the new M1 Macs, on which the Big Sur MacOS is intended to primarily operate. 

Seeking Skype alternatives and free alternatives to Facebook Workplace is just the beginning for enterprises. In the end, the industry’s current trajectory doesn’t appear to be slowing or making any abrupt U-turns anytime soon.

What could macOS Big Sur mean for your enterprise? The possibilities are limitless. 

John Allen, Director, global SEO at RingCentral, a global UCaaS, VoIP and omnichannel contact center solutions provider. He has over 14 years of experience and an extensive background in building and optimizing digital marketing programs. He has written for websites such as Drift and Bricsys

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