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How Apple Pay assists you even when you encounter third-party credit card fraud

Apple last year unveiled Apple Pay during in its September Special event. While most people are aware of how Apple Pay works on the surface, there are many details that you don’t discover until you start using the service. One such scenario involves the extremely helpful way Apple handles a credit card that’s been canceled due to fraud.

One of the most inconvenient parts of dealing with fraudulent credit card purchases is the inevitable closing your card and the issuing of a new one. I had this happen to me recently, and it was quite inconvenient to not have access to my card when I had plans to use it. Equally frustrating was the fact that I could see the new number in my online account, but could not access it until my card arrived. Because my fraud happened on a Friday night, I was without my credit card until the following Tuesday.

If I had used Apple Pay with this card, my ability to use my credit card would not have been so limited. According to multiple reports, Apple Pay is capable of detecting a change in a credit card number following a fraud report. It then automatically updates the new information in its mobile payment system.

This mechanism provided a double bonus — not only did the user avoid having to enter in their new information, they also could use their new credit card number immediately via the Apple Pay app.

Have you used Apple Pay and experienced a similar unexpected benefit? If so, share your details in the comments.

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