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HoverBar Duo is an extremely flexible iPad/iPhone stand (in more ways than one)

In a February 5 review, I noted that Satechi’s updated, Apple-exclusive version of its R1 Aluminum Foldable Stand was my favorite iPad/iPhone stand. It still is; however, if you need a foldable stand with even more options, Twelve South’s US$79.99 HoverBar Duo for the iPad and iPhone will be a better fit for you.

It’s an adjustable stand with a weighted desktop stand that keeps it from sliding around on a desk even with a 12.9-inch iPad Pro attached. You can also configure it as a desk clamp, so it’s extremely flexible in more ways than one .

The adjustability of HoverBar Duo means you can position an iPad or iPad at a variety of heights and angles. I rarely use it with my smartphone, but find it especially handy in using my iPad Pro as an extra display with my iMac via the Sidecar feature. (Sidecar, introduced with macOS Catalina, allows users to extend their Mac desktop by using their iPad as a second display or as a high-precision input device across creative Mac apps.)

I also use it to adjust the iPad Pro to eye-level for FaceTime talks or Zoom meetings. You can also use the HoverBar Duo for following a recipe while cooking, following an instructional tutorial hands-free, and much more.

Because it’s adjustable, you can keep your iPad in its case while using the HoverBar Duo. And it doesn’t block charging ports so you can charge while it’s holding your Apple device.

The HoverBar Duo requires some assembly, but that’s quick and easy. Also, note that you’ll have to clamp your iPad or iPhone into the adjustable stand, so you can’t just snatch the Apple device free when you’re done using the HoverBar Duo.

The Twelve South stand is compatible with all generations of the iPad, iPad Air, iPad Pro, iPad mini, the iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12, iPhone SE, iPhone 11, iPhone XR, and previous generations of the smartphone.

Review overview

Variety of use options10
Ease of use8

The Pros

  • Extremely durable
  • a variety of angle, tilt, height adjustment options
  • Can keep Apple device in a case while using

The Cons

  • Some (easy) assembly required
  • Must clamp Apple device in and out
  • May be overkill for some users


9.3If you need a sleek adjustable stand with limited adjustment options, save some money and buy Satechi’s $39.99 item. But if you want/need to adjust your iPad or iPhone to a variety of heights and angles, Twelve South has you covered with the HoverBar Duo.

Dennis Sellers
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