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Hopefully, we’ll at least get iMacs with updated specs any day now

The biggest surprise at yesterday’s Apple event was what wasn’t announced. No new iMac? I was expecting a 20th anniversary all-in-one — you can read about what I want by clicking here — but not even a speed bump was announced. 

I can’t imagine that Apple won’t even update the specs of the desktop all-in-one ASAP and add a TrueTone display. After all the company has updated the MacBook Pro, the MacBook Air, and the Mac mini with the promise of a new modular Mac Pro in 2019.

Intel’s 9th-generation Coffee Lake refresh chips arrived earlier this month. So, the iMac is currently two generations behind the competition.

As for the graphics department, there’s a chance the 2018 iMac might use AMD’s Vega graphics cards. In case Apple goes for one of the newest AMD card or one that is about to be released, then the iMac 2018 could be armed with a powerful graphics card. 

I could be wrong — and I was waaaaaay off in predicting a 20th anniversary iMac — but I think we’ll see new all-in-ones quietly announced in a press release any day now.

Dennis Sellers
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